Enamelled Glass

Enamelled toughened glass without lead that enables harmony between architecture and the environment

Glassolutions enamelled glass is a tempered glass suitable in many different applications. It is the perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality. Enamelled glass is available in different colours and it is characterised by an exceptional durability and safety making it the ideal product for any application, from facades to interior design.


Glassolutions EMALIT EVOLUTION is an opaque coloured toughened glass obtained by the uniform deposit of a layer of enamel on one face. It comes in a wide range of colours and to obtain maximum aesthetic effect, you can enamel different base glass products or develop special colours.


Glassolutions OPALIT EVOLUTION  is a toug hened, translucent enamelled glass. The appearance, whether clear or coloured, is obtained by applying a layer of translucent, lead- free enamel onto one of the faces. This enamel, fired at a high temperature, is fully incorporated into the surface of the glass.


Glassolutions blends a contemporary frosted or opaque look with the advantages of toughened enameled glass. Its aesthetics and technical characteristics mean that it is particularly suited for interior and external decoration. Enameled toughened glass is the ideal material for facade cladding, creating aesthetically clean lines. It can be also used in interior decoration when exceptional moisture resistance is required, such as for wall coverings, but it can also be applied in furnishing tables, office furniture, bookshelves and cupboard doors.


The lead and cadmium-free manufacturing process used in the production of Glassolutions enameled glass protects the environment and ensures products are fully recyclable. The virtually total elimination of polluting waste products protects the environment and our health.