Hotel Ampère

Evoking a sense of well-being at Parisian Hotel

GLASSOLUTIONS was contacted by Hotel Ampère in Paris to transform and redesign its bathrooms to bring a feeling of well-being. The know-how of GLASSOLUTIONS of combining technology and design was critical for this project.


Close to the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées, the Hôtel Ampère is the perfect combination of charm and tradition. It is a luxurious, contemporary hotel in the heart of one of the most prestigious areas of Paris. Fabrice Knoll, hotels and bathroom specialist, was in charge of the architectural design. He bases his design concept on fluidity and harmony. For the bathroom renovation the hotel management was looking something amazing and extraordinary that people cannot find anywhere else. The main goal was to recreate a SPA bath and provide an environment that would promote a sense of comfort and well-being.

Products used

GLASSOLUTIONS developed a range of products capable of integrating lighting within glass. Light, in particular, was essential because it is deeply connected with the notion of a SPA environment. GLASSOLUTIONS DESIRE mirrors and INSPIRATION shower screens, created in close collaboration with the designer Fabrice Knoll, allow a new synergy between glass and light. They represent much more than simple lighting, becoming a source of relaxation and privacy. In order to meet customer expectations, a warm white temperature of the LED was selected (between 3000 and 4000 degrees).



"This brought new feelings and perceptions to our customers, they are seduced by it. Some of our customers are decorators and they were also inspired"

Jean-Marie Blanc, Hotel Ampère managing director


The colours and tunes of the light can be changed as the client wishes. Customers who have visited the hotel for years have tried these rooms and now do not want any other one. They love these rooms because of the bathroom, especially for their Zen personalised side.